Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hello I'm Sarah.

Where do I begin? I have been on quite a wild adventure for many years and it has finally ended, or better yet, began, here at the raw lifestyle.

I grew up out in the countryside about an hour from Detroit. I was extremely active in gymnastics, mountain biking, diving, horseback riding, and soccer. But I ate THE WORST, yes in all capitals, THE WORST food. Velveeta, ChocoTacos, Combos, you name it. Of course there were some healthy foods mixed in, but by healthy, we're talking iceberg lettuce and more cheese.

Well it shouldn't be surprising that I suffered from daily allergy attacks and eczema. So I was medicated.

When I moved to Detroit for college I decided that I was no longer going to take medicine and I did the Master Cleanse at 18. But it wasn't all healthy living from there on out. I studied fashion design and later co-created a menswear clothing line. Along with this came a rockstar lifestyle that included touring with a band. I quickly learned that my immune system is not cut out for heavy abuse and I continued to search for ways to cure my lifelong eczema.

So here I am years later on a raw vegan diet. Back in the country. And preparing myself for a new career that is based in health and wellness. I will eventually complete a dual chiropractic/acupuncture degree. Throughout all of my journeys I have learned that health is my passion and sharing the knowledge that I have obtained with others is what I want to do with my life.

I am excited to blog with these delightful ladies!!

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